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From Chaos to Consistency

Helping entrepreneurs organize and systematize their back-office to get ready to scale.



Share the idea.


Share the idea.


Our Signature Approach

Here’s how we do it:



Eliminate confusion and carve out a clear path. Our custom roadmaps guide you, detailing steps to organize your back office, build CEO behaviors and accelerate revenue.



Establish foundational processes, back-office systems, and automation to ensure your business is not just growing, but growing the right way – ready to scale at a moment’s notice.



Stand beside you giving you the leadership and technical guidance you need while working in your business, offering just-in-time tools, resources, and encouragement needed to turn that business plan into business profits.

Why Choose MPC

We’re champions of the underdog. Regardless of your experience, education, or exposure, we’re here to ensure you have the support and guidance  needed to instill peace and order into your business, while you are working to scale – or simply gain control – of your business. We’re passionate about aiding service providers and their teams to transform confusion and chaos into structured success.

How We Help

We "step in" where start-up programs end!


…completing a multi-week program? You were told “all of the things” and now it’s time to put it into practice.

…finishing your business or strategic planYou were given the “what” but you now need the “how” and unsure on next steps.

…working in your business for some years? You’ve learned how your business really works and need customized help to reorganize and regain control in your business to get you ready to scale. 


MPC is your answer. We will...

  • Guide you from “what now?” to “this is how” to apply it in your business.
  • Streamline, systematize, and prepare your business to get you ready to scale.
  • Help you establish CEO behaviors, identify gaps, and introduce additional revenue streams so you are working smarter and not harder.
  • Dive deep into your financial numbers, marketing strategies, and client behaviors to make data-driven decisions.
  • Get access to day-to-day  planning templates and other resources to keep you organized and reduce chaos in your back-office.
  • Offer on-demand guidance and be your trusted sounding board.
  • Introduce you to a community where you’re understood and supported.

We focus on processes first before people. With processes in place, you know EXACTLY where to put people – saving you time and money!

Our Services

Process Creation, Development and Implementation

Back-office Automation Support

Strategic Planning

Administrative Consulting

Presentation Support

Marketing & Communications Support

Exclusive CEO Society Membership Group 

Our Story

Hey... I'm Sonya, Your Chief Execution Strategist!

The Beginning – Marked by resilience from day one, I entered the world agains the odds, setting the tone for a life of tenacity and determination.

The Evolution – From an executive assistant to the CEO, the journey is filled with continuous learning, reinvention, and the joy of turning unique ideas into reality.

The Promise – MPC stands as a beacon of empowerment. For the passionate entrepreneur needing guidance, for the overwhelmed business owner seeking structure, we’re here, ensuring your journey from chaos to consistency is successful.

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