CEO/Owner, Chief Execution Strategist

The Beginning

Life has a funny way of leading you directly where you were always supposed to be. And sometimes, it’s not the pretty picture we paint in our minds. To understand the woman I am today, you must know where I came from (and why the number ‘3’ is a recurring theme in my business).

I made my grand entrance into this world three months early, a mere 3 lb., 6 oz. baby girl, fighting to mark her place in this world and make her presence known. Thirty days later, I began my life outside the hospital’s walls. That introduction set the tone for the trajectory of my life and helped me create a personal mantra that still rings true today: Never underestimate me.

The truth is — I wasn’t supposed to be here. All odds were stacked against me, yet I surpassed everyone’s expectations, blossoming into a dynamite of a woman with something to say.

I truly believe I was meant to do the work I do. A perfect mix of introvert and extrovert, I made intentional moves, observed, and created peace in chaotic situations. Whether that was helping my parents plan and organize their events or caring for my mother as her health declined, taking the lead was never a problem for me. Dubbed “the responsible one,” I felt most myself when I served others.

The Evolution

It’s no surprise that I entered the professional world as an executive assistant turned secretary and have spent the last 25 years administratively serving, whether for mom-and-pop stores, large retail corporations, or as a CEO. Each role has required me to reinvent myself, pulling back every layer of management and leadership and transforming those skills into tangible results. I always possessed an innate gift to take a unique idea, develop clear strategies as roadmaps, and bring them to fruition.

That’s the foundation of what I do today, with the same tenacity, eye for details and heart of service.

I birthed Moore Planning and Consulting (MPC) to pay homage to my gifts and deep desire to give back. The infrastructure of my business is a compilation of everything I learned in Corporate America, even as a secretary. It represents my breadth of experience in marketing, operations, human resources, and learning and development for two Fortune 500 companies.

Plan carefully and you will have plenty; if you act too quickly, you will never have enough.
-Proverbs 21:5


To help entrepreneurs share, plan and execute their business ideas to gain peace, order and more profit in their business.


To empower entrepreneurs to plan more.

My Team

Meet Finn Finn, our Chief Wellness Officer (CWO)! She wears many hats at MPC and is one of our most valuable players. Occasionally, you may find her peek into a virtual call to say hello, or bark her opinion when she thinks you need to go in a different direction, when she’s not doing wellness, security, or productivity hacks.

Chief Wellness Officer

Petting Finn Finn helps reduce stress. 

Top Flight Security

Finn Finn is always on the job.

Productivity Strategist

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