How automating your mileage will save thousands

Mileage Tracking! Do you hate it? I did until my accountant told me about the handy dandy app, MileIQ. Auto

Tracking mileage for your business expenses doesn’t have to be a dreaded and time-consuming task anymore. Stop using Excel to manually track, googling the miles from Point A to Point B and spending unneeded time at your computer. You’re probably missing hundreds of miles this way because you may only be tracking airport trips, lunch meetings and client appointments. But, there is so much more!

Try the MileIQ App. It does all the work for you. Download it and swipe left or right for personal or business and it calculates the mileage with a swipe of your finger. As long as you have your phone with you that has the app on it, it tracks you and will notify you after your trip so you can swipe for a business or personal trip. It even keeps a running tally so you know how much you’ve accumulated and gives you a customized report! I’m at a potential of $100 already !

I went from dreading mileage tracking to loving it. I didn’t realize how many miles I was missing by doing it manually. Those trips to the office supply store, post office and those pick up/drop offs do count!

Don’t leave money on the table and never miss mileage deductions again. It’s the best $60 (annual cost) you’ll spend! You’ll save time and AUTOMATE this administrative process.

PRODUCTIVITY POINT: If you think $60 is a lot, do this exercise. Multiply the number of hours you spend in a year inputting your mileage by your (or a team member’s) hourly rate. Ex: $60 per hr. x 5 annual hours = $300! You’ve spent $300 worth of time just inputting numbers! $60 doesn’t seem so bad now. Reallocate those precious hours to a more productive area in your business!

TRUE STORY: Last year, I didn’t use the app. It took 10 hours to go through my entire calendar, googling to/from mileage points and updating my Excel spreadsheet. Probably thinking no way it shouldn’t have taken that long, but it’s easy to downplay how long these tasks truly take until you actually track the hours. I did and it’s shocking! For me, never again!!

There are other mileage apps on the market so do your own research. Bottom line, the goal is to save time and money by letting the app do the work so you can focus on revenue-generating action items for your business.

I hope you found this automation tip helpful.

What do you use to track your mileage?