Are You An Overwhelmed Entrepreneur?

Scattered… Scared… Stuck in your business? I totally understand the chaos and confusion of being an entrepreneur wearing all of the hats! That’s why my Ideas to Income strategy session is designed to create a custom roadmap giving you clear, actionable steps that transform your jumbled-up thoughts into solid income streams.

Transform your ideas into income. It's easier than you think!

Feeling like you’re drowning in great ideas but just can’t make them profitable? 

Our session is meticulously designed to assist entrepreneurs in monetizing their concepts, turning what once were just notions into steady possible income streams.

Ditch the overwhelm: From Chaos to Clarity in Just One Strategy Session!



The Ideas to Income strategy session empowers you to cut through the noise and discover the profit potential within your ideas. Experience a sense of order and peace you’ve been longing for in your business journey.

It's Not Just a Call. It's a Revenue Revolution for Your Business.

Booking your Ideas to Income strategy session is the first step to reimagining your business. No more head-scratching or second-guessing – I help you understand the worth of your ideas and how to profit from them – period!


  • Enter a “safe zone” where you can be honest about what’s working and what’s not in your business without judgment
  • Release scattered thoughts by doing a “brain dump” and freeing your mind of all the ideas in your head.
  • Get your thoughts organized in a detailed, easy-to-read plan breaking down tasks that tie directly to your bottom line.
  • Leave the experience rejuvenated and ready to re-engage in your business with newfound clarity and focus.

Don't put your profit on pause!

Our strategy session is just a call away. Book your slot today and begin your journey towards a business that turns your brilliant ideas into consistent income.

Start Transforming Your Ideas into Income Tomorrow!

Join the community of entrepreneurs who have taken the leap towards profitable ideas to maximize their profits. It’s time to experience the clarity and confidence that comes from having a solid plan behind your ideas, so you can focus on being the CEO and leader of your business… leaving you with peace of mind, flexibility and the freedom to do what you love. Book your session now!

Client Testimonials


Plan carefully and you will have plenty; if you act too quickly, you will never have enough.

– Proverbs 21:5

More than 50% of businesses fall off

the map within the first five years of operation because they did not have a strategic plan (roadmap) to start or grow.

The Ideas to Income session activates a level of thinking that will always internally prompt you to ask yourself if the actions you take will benefit your business in the long run, guiding you towards peace of mind and profitability to crush your goals.


Hey, it’s me again… Sonya Moore, Chief Execution Strategist and CEO/Owner of Moore Planning and Consulting. 

I’ve worked administratively behind the scenes all my life. So, I am not a stranger to the challenges that business owners face every day. From working in small mom-and-pop shops to working in one of the largest retail companies in America, I understand the unique gut-wrenching challenges that come with each. It’s why my clients trust me to think ahead. 

It’s very important to me to share the “secret sauce” to achieving healthy, profitable and sustainable success with you to make your journey smoother than mine so you can reap the long-term benefits of planning. I know all too well about the negative impacts of not having a solid plan in place for your business. Let’s work together to avoid this pitfall in your business. 

As an Ideas to Income participant, you’ll have my collaborative support and access to my 30+ years of strategic planning and execution experience, gaining an opportunity to “pick my brain” about the things in your business that keep you up at night and a friendly, tough-love guide to hold your hand when you need it. Together, we’ll create magical roadmap that reflects the potential your business has to grow.


  1. Schedule a consultation call so we can chat and get to know each other.
  2. Pick your package and pay the invoice. 
  3. Complete the let’s get started questionnaire.
  4. Choose your session date and wait for the game-changing day to arrive!

We work with a variety of clients across industries. Past client industries include:

  • Marketing
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Financial Services
  • Nonprofits/Faith-Based Organizations
  • Retail & Fashion
  • Health Services
  • Hospitality and Events
  • Business Coaching and Consulting
  • Life Coaches
  • Authors

Each session is virtual and can last up to two hours, depending upon your package. Within a week of your session, you will receive a scheduling link to review your customized roadmap with a breakdown of realistic and executable action steps. And, depending on your package, you may get a 30-minute check-in consultation call and more! Why… because once you start working with me, you 👏🏾are 👏🏾not 👏🏾alone!

I want you to win, so you have three options. You can join the Small Business CEO Society, a community of like-minded CEOs getting help to work on their plan, along with support, training and other resources to stay on track; hire MPC to help you execute the plan; or get 1:1 consulting when you need it. The choice is yours!

Unlike other strategic planning sessions that can be stuffy, this is not a session to “grill”, intimidate or embarrass you. It’s a safe space to  celebrate your wins and lessons and give you the floor to fully and confidentially communicate your ideas out loud – no matter how they sound. I serve as a guide to help you understand how each action is connected to each other and then I create your customized road map (your plan) to help you gain peace and execute for more results and profits in your business.


Schedule a call to learn how Moore Planning & Consulting LLC can help you gain peace and order to grow your business today!