It’s Time To Put The Power Back in Planning

How have you been these past several months? How are you feeling today? Tired? Frustrated? Upset? There is so much going on in the world and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. It’s one thing after the next, whether it’s the pandemic, the civil unrest and the slew of other personal challenges that you may be experiencing each and every day on top of all of this chaos. It exasperating, I know! There is so much that we cannot control, BUT there is so much that we CAN control.

You know what we can control? We can control how we respond – not react because there is a difference – to situations and how we decide to proactively move forward to take the best action that suits you. It gives each of us the opportunity to appreciate each other and to use our unique gifts to connect with others so it results in positive forward movement in our community, personal and professional lives. So, whatever that action looks like for you, means it’s for you and only you can press forward with it. The key is simply to do something.

And for this reason, it’s why I must say good bye! Say good bye to hesitation. Say good bye to self-doubt! And, to say good bye to the “what if” game. It’s time for me to use my gifts 100%! Well you may be saying, “Hasn’t she been using her gift while building MPC (Moore Planning & Consulting)?” Yes, I have but not to my fullest potential to help others. As we all have been thinking and shifting when it comes to doing business and simply living, I need to pivot. Yes, pivot to the next level to help more people build their businesses and mindsets so they can fully walk in their power! But you know what, I need to walk in my own power first! So, just like Wonder Woman (because I love me some Wonder Woman), it’s time for me to step fully into my own power and activate it!

So, what does all of this mean for me and my proactive solution? It means that I have learned in the past 18 months as an entrepreneur that my super power resides in the power of planning and sharing it with others to help them be more productive to build their dream, whether it is through strategically planning it, automating it for efficiency and/or improving communication to advance it. So, I’m expanding to do just that – sharing more to help more!

As you may have heard me say before, planning is overlooked and underrated and it’s time for me to “put it on the map” so I can help more people understand: 1) why it’s important; 2) how to do it; 3) what the end results can look like when it comes to advancing dreams; and 4) what it feels like to return to loving what you do again, resulting in increasing revenue. One thing we’ve all learned these past few months is that if you aren’t planning for your future, your future IS NOT guaranteed. It’s time to…. put power in your planning and I’m here to help you do it.

To kick off my birthday month, I’m dropping my first FREE WEBINAR: 4 Power Planning Steps: From Your Brain to your Bank Account on 6/16/20! We are halfway through the year, so this is timely. Let me help you get your goals back on track. Click the button below for details and be sure to sign up. SIGN UP BONUS: All who register will be entered to win a FREE STRATEGIC PLANNING SESSION with me. Let me tell you, this session is one of my most popular services and it is a game changer. The winner will be announced on the call, so you must be on the entire call to win! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the free webinar. Registration closes on 6/16 @ 12pmEST.

Want to learn more about why the strategic planning session is a must-have service, CLICK HERE.

And, here are other services that are on deck to be released…

  • eWorkbooks – Templates to help you start strategically planning and being more productive on your own
  • Power Planning Workshops – Working sessions to guide you through your planning process so you can get that product, service or idea out of your head, on paper and into action
  • Group Planning Sessions – Not ready for 1:1 assistance but need help to get unstuck or simply just need help to get started and/or transform your business to make it scalable? This service is for you

Are you excited? I am. Stay tuned because I will be asking for feedback so I can bring you the content you need when I comes to planning and being productive. These next-level service offers are a result of the many client and community conversations I’ve had over the past 18 months. If you are not on my mail list, click here to join today so you can stay in the know.

If you know me, I don’t do anything half way so this is a big step for me because I want to make it the best experience possible while most importantly, helping you (and others) put the power back in planning which is my proactive solution to help build businesses.

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