I am excited to have you join me for the P3 Power Summit as a service provider! This Provider Portal is where you will find your promotional copy and graphics, as well as any relevant summit information.
I will email any important updates, but this portal will be here to make your participation easier.
Please start by watching the short video below, that outlines time sensitive information. If you have questions, feel free to contact me via email at:

Meet us October 19, 2019!
The Rookwood Exchange Building, 2nd floor
3825 Edwards Road | Cincinnati, OH 45209

Sonya L. Moore | Owner and Founder of Moore Planning and Consulting LLC


summit action items

schedule your facebook live

If you haven’t done so already, schedule your time slot for Facebook Live. This will be a 30-minute interview that will be shared and repurposed to promote the event. You can schedule your interview here.

share your graphic on social

Sharing is caring! Please find your service provider graphic below to share on your favorite social media platforms. Please tag us (@moorepcllc) and use the hashtag #p3summit19 so we can keep up with the action.

maximize your feature week

During your featured week we will highlight you and some of your favorite gems that will help attendees get to know, like and trust you before the big day. Post your feature image as a profile pic and engage as a moderator in our Facebook group. Click here to join.


(subject to change)

10:00 AM
Registration & Networking

10:30 AM
Welcome / Introduction
Mini Strategy Session

11:00 AM
Keynote Speaker

12:00 PM
Lunch & Learn
Entrepreneur Power Panel Discussion

1:00 PM
Speed Servicing: 1:1 Sessions with Service Providers

4:00 PM
Wrap-Up Strategy Session

4:30 PM
Final Words
Giveaway & Takeaways

promotional graphics

Save these images to use for your social media posts!

sonya l moore

SAMPLE copy for email & social media

Not sure what to say? Use the content below to share your participation in the P3 Summit. Feel free to modify it to fit your unique voice!

sample email #1

I am so happy to announce that I will be a featured service provider at the first P3 Power Summit!

The P3 Power Summit is an intimate event that provides genuine connections, tools and strategies for entrepreneurs to step into your power to plan productively, price for profitability and execute efficiently!

Visit to learn more information and get your tickets today!

sample email #2

Are you ready to start working “on” your business and not always work “in” it,  <First Name>?

Join me on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the first ever P3 Power Summit! I will be speaking about <Insert Speaker Topic> and I would love for you to join me.

There will be an amazing keynote about packaging and pricing, loads of meaningful networking, and more!

Will you join me, <First name>!?

Grab your tickets today:

Sample social media post #1

I am proud to announce that I am featured service provider at the P3 Power Summit by Moore Planning & Consulting! Join me and other experts on Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM to learn how you can position yourself to be paid your worth, practice the power of delegation, and execute with excellence for more visibility​! Tickets now available at:


You’re either busy or productive — which one is best for your bottom line? Find out at the P3 Power Summit on October 19, 2019, where you will learn the power of delegating to other experts so you can focus on activities that bring you more revenue. I will be there, {tag name of other service provider] will be there, {tag name of other service provider] will be there, and many others! Get your ticket at


Most frequent questions and answers

Please arrive between 9:00-9:30am. You will be sitting at a shared 6’ foot table with the other service providers. Think of a long cafeteria table and you will be sitting next to each service provider. You will be seated sided by side. Service providers on one side and VIP attendees on the other side seated in front of you. You will have the immediate space in front of you to display information.

Your sponsorship provides for one entry. We welcome all other interested attendees to purchase a VIP or general admission ticket. Keep in mind that your service provider experience is only included with the VIP ticket.

You will have 6-8 minutes with each VIP attendee, maximum 30 people. With three rounds of 10 people, approximately one hour each round, it will take 3 hours to get through all 30 people. Knowing this dynamic, this is why your engagement in the Facebook group and participating in the FB Live will enhance the overall experience. Your time with them at the event is the capstone to seal the deal .

It’s up to you! With 6-8 minutes to share what you do and why, you can best determine how to make that magic connection happen between you and the VIP attendee. Keep in mind that prior to now, they will have seen your 5-minute video, so you can take it from there.

Yes, you can! This is why I am hosting this event so you can help entrepreneurs execute with excellence.

I need your 5-minute video, i.e. elevator pitch placed in this Dropbox folder. This video will get posted online for attendees to get excited to meet you and purchase a VIP ticket.

I also need your full support, engagement and involvement in the pre-, during- and post-event activities! This will help make it a success for you, me and the attendees! As for information, I want to make sure you are clear on the activities so you can speak confidently about the event as if it is your own.

Ultimately, my goal is to foster genuine relationships that last long after the event ends. So I want you to please share and promote this event with love! I am so happy you want to be associated with it and I do not take that lightly. The more we can communicate and share what we love to do, the more impact we can have for not only our own business but for the attendees’ businesses as well!


Meet Finn Finn! She wears many hats at MPC and is one of our most valuable players. Occasionally, you may find her peek into a virtual call to say hello, or bark her opinion when she thinks you need to go in a different direction, when she’s not doing wellness, security, or productivity hacks.