what we do

“Make sure you don’t have a person where a process should be.”  – Sonya L. Moore

the philosophy

Moore Planning & Consulting (MPC) is a boutique virtual administrative consulting & support firm that specializes in helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs and team leaders convert ideas into income to gain financial freedom; turn chaos into systems for organization and peace of mind; and convert prospects into paying clients with consistent communication so small business CEOs and team leaders can spend more time as the CEO instead of the worker, while building a healthy, thriving and profitable business.


Before we start, we will discuss your business, who you are, where you want to be and why. This helps to identify the best strategy and processes to solve your pain paints so you can gain relief, reduce stress and generate more income so you can get back to doing more of what you love in your business.


Next, we will put together a comprehensive and detailed plan of action. The plan will be the “roadmap” that contains a list of tactics to be accomplished in different phases to complete your project, launch or event. If it’s not written down, it won’t happen. This is a very important step in your planning and launch process so you can maximize every opportunity to generate income and get closer to financial freedom.


Now, it is time to make things happen! MPC will handle the action items you do not have time for or do not know how to do, while keeping you organized, on track and within budget, so you are breaking out of your role of being the worker and boldly stepping into your role of being the CEO in your business!


Strategic Planning

Have a big idea but don’t know how to bring it to reality? The signature Ideas to Income session gives business owners and small teams the ability to “brain dump” their project idea and desires in a conversation-style working session, resulting in an easy-to-read, organized plan that provides a “road map” to intentional execution, freeing your mind, organizing your thoughts and converting your ideas into income – faster!


Have you ever just needed to bounce an idea off of an expert so you get “right now” help to jumpstart your next short- or long-term project? Gain professional insight on how to successfully plan, lead and execute your next project, event or service. This is great for the person who knows how to execute but just needs help “connecting all the dots” to maximize time, team, tools and all revenue-generating opportunities. If you don’t know where to start, we can guide you !


Are you all over the place in your business? Give yourself hours of time back in your day and give your business a major productivity boost. We help you get your back office organized and in order, whether it’s documenting your processes, selecting the right business management system and setting it up, creating workflows, automating repeat steps and streamlining for business growth. The core of your business resides in your processes and your profit potential.

Presentation Graphics Support

Are you often in front of audiences and need a supporting Powerpoint, Speaker Sheet, etc.? Let us create you eye-catching graphics that will keep your audience engaged both verbally and visually. And just so you know, there won’t be any death by Powerpoint here! We also assist with other marketing resources needed to keep you brand right in front of your clients and the community.

Event Planning & Management

Have an event on the horizon? Whether just day-of coordination is needed or the entire event from vision to execution is needed, we will be the go to from helping with securing the venue, selecting supporting vendors, assisting with the marketing strategy, communication and more. We are the liaison between you and the service providers so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities!

marketing & COmmunications SUPPORT

Need help with creating and releasing consistent and engaging content to turn prospects into paying clients to keep your pipeline full? When it comes to creating marketing campaigns, webinar/challenge kits, email sequences, landing pages, lead magnets, websites, social media content or providing virtual event support, MPC has a trusted service provider network and a package with your name on it.


If you are ready to gain peace and order in your business, contact us today!