Learn how to turn your idea to income with my 5-step formula!

In this dynamic workshop, you’ll learn my exact formula to achieve peace and order in your business by implementing an easy-to-follow plan with the right strategy, structure and support to turn your next idea into income to make your business more profitable now and for years to come.

Turning Your Ideas to Income Workshop for Entrepreneurs



To kick off the workshop, we’ll discuss your idea, assess your pain points as it relates to planning and create a strategic plan that gives you peace, clarity, and order.


We’ll assess your current systems and tools, determine how to reach your target audience, and create a timeline for each step of the process that will keep you on track and reduce overwhelm.


You’ll determine whether you need to do or delegate certain tasks within your business, get an idea on how much to budget, and create a list of necessary service providers so you are ready to hire help and execute your plan.

Turning Your Ideas to Income Workshop for Entrepreneurs Workshop is unlike a traditional workshop where you sit back, listen, and take notes here and there. Quite the contrary; you are enrolling in a “working” workshop, which means you'll be actively participating in every single step because it's your business. Literally.

In this four-hour experience, I'll teach you how to turn your ideas into income and chaos into systems


Understand how to create a strategic plan - that you can reuse - to gain the traction you need to be successful in your business


Have a clear understanding of your revenue potential, target audience, and needed communication channels


Determine your gaps and how to fill them with the right processes and systems and assess whether you need to do or delegate tasks based on your budget

And there's more...

Come with your idea, an open mind and a spirit of fun and engagement. This will be a no-stress zone. We are going to make it a business planning party! You’ll leave this workshop with peace of mind AND a personalized roadmap to help you meet your business goals.


And when you enroll now, you’ll receive $100 off the original enrollment price, if you take advantage of the Early Bird Special!

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Here's what you'll get:

Light brunch

to spark creativity so ideas will flow with ease

Activity workbook

to capture your thoughts so you can create the strategic plan that works for you and your business

Hands-on training

that will guide you every step of the way, so you leave encouraged and excited to take your business to the next level

Fun, stress-free environment

that is nonjudgmental, giving you the feeling of support while opening doors to build connections with other like-minded CEOs

A feeling of relief, peace and order

knowing you have connected the dots to turning your idea to income

Strategy + Structure + Support = Peace and order to make your business more profitable!


Hi! I’m Sonya Moore, Chief Execution Strategist, Author, and Founder of Moore Planning and Consulting.

Sure, there are a lot of titles attached to my name, but here’s one title that fits me to a tee: Accountability Partner. I’m that friend who will tell you what you need to hear but deliver it with lots of love. I’ll support you in your journey to change the narrative on planning.

I’m no stranger to the challenges that entrepreneurs face every day. As a former corporate leader for one of the largest retail companies in America, I created and executed plans under some of the most exciting and challenging sets of circumstances my team and I were given.

For the last 25 years, I’ve worked to remove strategic planning, technological, or administrative barriers that prevent business owners and leaders from working in their zone of genius.

Because of my experience, my clients trust me to think ahead. My goal is to help you reap the benefits of planning early because I know how the “no plan lifestyle” can wreak havoc in your business.


Most frequent questions and answers

For your security, we only accept debit card, credit card or PayPal payments.

Not for this experience, but if you register early, you can save up to $100 off the registration fee!

This working workshop is a low investment for a huge return. That said, there is no refund once you have enrolled.

You’ll receive a confirmation email once you’ve successfully enrolled. From there, you’ll receive pre-work that must be completed before the workshop begins. Remember, I said this was a working workshop – right?

Yes! In fact, you’ll learn information that will help you plan like you’ve been in business for years! This workshop is an overall great choice for entrepreneurs because it provides the accountability to stop thinking about planning and get it done!

Are you ready to move those ideas from your brain to your bank account?